Verification and Authentication

Our Identity Verification and Authentication Solutions harness Acxiom’s vast data and linking technology, empowering you to efficiently verify, authenticate and protect identities. For added protection, our solutions authenticate customers with a critical extra step beyond entering user ID and password.

Reduce Risk, Rev Up Growth

Mitigating fraud and data inconsistencies is critical to protecting your company’s financial performance. Our industry-leading accuracy will help you reduce losses by allowing you to identify, verify and locate individuals, even those with little to no credit history. Plus, Acxiom is the only vendor that offers the ability to integrate your data with ours to generate custom authentication exams, offering an extra layer of security.

The time to create and score an exam is quick, producing relevant, sophisticated data-based questions and making each experience for new and returning customers as convenient as possible.

Data Integration and Accuracy

Acxiom’s superior matching and data integration capabilities, via AbiliTec, enables you to verify individuals that other solutions cannot. Enabling the highly accurate integration of data to create overall data accuracy – AbiliTec simply outperforms traditional name and address matching methods.