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Consumer Data Information

Acxiom provides information to companies, non-profits, political organizations and government agencies. This ensures that you get more relevant advertising and special promotions and reduces the chance that you’ll become an identity fraud victim. We respect your privacy and believe that you should understand not only how this data is collected and used by our clients but also the options you have concerning its use. You’ll find a brief description of these options below. If you still have questions, our full U.S. Product Privacy Policy can be found on our website here.

Have more questions? Email us at or call 1-877-774-2094.

Find out what data Acxiom collects and how it is used.

Acxiom provides three types of data products each with distinct data and uses.

Our marketing data products contain publicly available information, surveys and information from other data collectors. These products are used by companies, political organizations and non-profit organizations in their marketing, fundraising and customer service programs, both offline and online.

Our directory products contain contact information from the published white and yellow pages of telephone directories and from directory assistance. These products are used in the United States by companies, political organizations, non-profit organizations, government agencies and consumers through Internet sites to search for contact information.

Our fraud detection and prevention products contain identifying information from public and private sources and may include sensitive information such as Social Security numbers. These products are used by qualified companies in selected industries, non-profit organizations and government agencies to verify the identities of the customers and to investigate suspicious transactions for fraud.

Find out what Personicx Cluster you fall into.

Personicx is Acxiom’s household-level consumer segmentation marketing product that groups U.S. households into one of 70 segments based on demographic characteristics.

These 70 clusters are organized into 21 distinct life stage groups made of up households that have reached similar life events – like having a baby, approaching retirement, getting married, increasing income or buying a home. This enables marketers to see the difference between the consumer interests of the retired couple and the young married family just starting out.

Want to know what cluster you fall into? Click here.

Opt-Out of Acxiom’s marketing and directory products.

You have several choices about how data in Acxiom’s marketing and directory products is used. To understand these, click on either the online ads submit or the marketing products submit below.

Keep in mind that opting out of Acxiom’s marketing products does not mean that you will stop receiving ads or offers. Instead it means you will get less relevant ads or offers based on Acxiom data from Acxiom clients, since our clients use our marketing products to better understand what ads and offers may be of interest to you.

Opt-out of marketing products

Request a report of all the risk and fraud data Acxiom has about you.

Acxiom offers you the ability to see and correct information about you in our directory products and our fraud detection and prevention products. This information is provided in report form for a $5.00 processing fee. To get your report, follow the instructions to submit your request here.