Advanced TV Advertising

Acxiom Advanced TV lowers hurdles to addressable and data-enabled TV by making it easier than ever to connect advertisers and the audiences they want to reach across premium video platforms.

Our industry-leading identity resolution technology can create apples-to-apples audience segments across more than 50 million addressable homes and more than 100 million individuals across all premium video platforms, including addressable, spot and national TV, VOD and online video.


Onboard your own first-party and set-top box data and use that data to quickly generate proposals based on unique audience segments.
Choose to let agencies generate counts against advertisers’ own audience segments via Acxiom’s privacy-compliant data Safe Haven.


Streamline campaign creation by leveraging unified audience counts and viewership data to identify the best opportunities to reach targets at scale.
Safely use advertisers’ own first-party data or best-of-breed third-party data to create more targeted audience segments.


Integrate viewing data to make it fast and easy to offer ad buyers programs and day parts tailored to their custom audience segments.
Provide buyers with campaign-level audience verification and campaign performance measurement across platforms.

Advanced TV Partners

Acxiom TV’s Audience Interconnect

A simple self-service platform that can cut days off the time it takes to execute targeted TV campaigns and facilitate back-end audience verification and campaign performance reporting.