Audience Cloud

Create and Distribute More Relevant Audiences

Acxiom Audience Cloud is a first-of-its-kind cross-channel management tool – an easy-to-use self-service interface that allows you to select the right data, expertly segment it, and quickly distribute audiences across the Acxiom digital partner ecosystem of top publishers, social platforms and programmatic platforms.
Digital marketers can quickly build, size and distribute custom audiences across the largest network of connections (350+) in the digital marketing space because Audience Cloud delivers:
• Acxiom data quality
• Access to Acxiom’s demographic and predictive data
• World class recognition
• Industry-leading reach
• Distributed audiences available in as little as an hour
With complete privacy compliance and industry-leading Acxiom technology, Audience Cloud empowers media buyers, campaign planners, and marketers to deliver relevant messaging to the right audiences, making 1:1 consumer connections a reality across channels and platforms.
Quick and easy access to audiences such as:
Affluent Homeowners • Affluent Travelers • Concert Goers • DIYers
Fashionistas • Health Enthusiasts • Soccer Moms • Video Gamers