Travis May

Introducing LiveRamp Connect

February 24, 2015

When marketers are able to connect all of their customer data with their marketing platforms, new possibilities for better marketing emerge – enhanced targeting, advanced measurement, and more.  Connecting customer data to the digital marketing ecosystem is of particular importance to Acxiom – and it’s why we’re so excited today to introduce LiveRamp Connect.

LiveRamp Connect is our next generation data onboarding service.  It combines the very best elements of Acxiom’s Audience Operating System (AOS) with what was previously known as LiveRamp GO.  It provides a single, unified product offering capable of delivering customer data to any of the marketing tech and ad tech companies integrated with LiveRamp, as well as the full complement of premium media platforms integrated with AOS.

Now, marketers can use one onboarding interface to connect their data to more than 130 partners (and growing!). 

LiveRamp Connect addresses two core needs that marketers have in connecting their customer data to their preferred marketing platforms:

1)      Highly accurate, privacy-safe matching of customer data records to online devices, and

2)      Seamless delivery of that data to a broad range of premium media platforms and digital marketing applications.

When Acxiom’s acquisition of LiveRamp was announced in May 2014, both companies pledged to ensure that onboarding would be managed as a neutral open service for all.  We are unwavering in our belief that connected data is the lynchpin for enabling innovation throughout the marketing tech space.   Therefore, the vital function of onboarding must remain universally available.  LiveRamp Connect powers connections according to every marketer’s own preferences – be it through end-to-end marketing stacks or best of breed, customized solutions.  LiveRamp Connect is designed to work for all.

The integration process has included bringing together the LiveRamp and Acxiom teams and technologies into the LiveRamp business unit.  We are currently migrating customers of AOS and LiveRamp GO to the new solution and expect to have that process completed before the end of the March.

It is also worth noting that AOS originally launched with a set of applications that were intended to demonstrate how AOS could be used to reach audiences and measure campaign results.  Now, thanks to the robust partner ecosystem of LiveRamp Connect, marketers are able to dramatically expand their options and integrate other industry-leading capabilities.  With access to more possibilities, we can retire applications that caused us to be viewed as a DMP, and marketers can embrace the most innovative solutions that will make the most difference for their businesses and for their customers.

Marketers are quickly beginning to realize that onboarding is essential to their success.  LiveRamp Connect is designed to meet that need by connecting offline to online data, connecting marketers to the vibrant marketing tech ecosystem, connecting audience segments to premium media platforms, and connecting campaign data to sales results across all channels.  The more connected the data and the ecosystem, the more powerful the marketing – and onboarding is the foundational enabler.  By creating next generation data onboarding service, we believe LiveRamp Connect provides a unified “must-have” capability for marketers everywhere.

Travis May

Travis May

As president of Acxiom’s Connectivity Division, Travis drives Acxiom’s leadership position as the central connector of data across the ecosystem and the key role of the LiveRamp Connect product suite in the digital marketing ecosystem. Until recently, Travis acted as Senior Vice President of Product for Acxiom. He previously co-founded LiveRamp and was Vice President of Product Management. He was also Founder & CEO of Campus Venture Network (now iStart), a software as a service platform to administer business plan competitions online that was acquired by The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in 2009. Travis received degrees in Economics and Mathematics from Harvard College, where he graduated with Phi Beta Kappa and Magna cum Laude honors.

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