Data Bytes

More than 65 percent of high school graduates enroll in college each fall, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Entering college triggers all kinds of needs and spending to meet those needs. Moving into a dormitory or pledging a social organization can prompt a wardrobe update, activating new debit or credit cards, buying furniture and room accessories, among other things. Parents of college-bound teenagers encounter a whole new meaning when it comes to buying school supplies.

Acxiom’s InfoBase demographic data identifies households with a child who is nearing high school graduation. Acxiom’s Audience Cloud offers an easy way to identify this audience and target more than 7 million consumers on Facebook or more than 6 million through one of our mobile distribution partners. There are lots of options for defining the audience and lots of destinations to facilitate your marketing opportunity.


Why Acxiom data? Because people-based marketing demands it.

Acxiom’s extensive third-party data offers rich insight into consumers and their behaviors
  • Curated from multiple, reliable sources
  • Includes more than 1,000 customer traits and basic information including location, age and household details
  • Provides more than 3,500 specific behavioral insights, such as propensity to make a purchase
  • Offers real insights into a broad spectrum of offline behavior, not just indicators from web browsing behavior
  • Gives analysts more ways to segment data and use for audience modeling
Acxiom data fuels highly personalized data-driven campaigns, enabling you to:
  • Personalize messages and consistently engage audiences across all channels
  • Incorporate both online and offline data in a safe, privacy-compliant way
  • Segment audiences at the household or individual level based on a variety of options from ethnicity and acculturation to digital behaviors
  • Optimize for scale and accuracy
  • Request audience recommendations from seasoned data experts