Data Bytes

Gold Rush! The Luxury Market may be on the decline in the Americas,* but Acxiom’s highly effective Net Worth Gold is just the right tool for mining the best audience for your luxury goods. Combining our geo-based products with Net Worth Gold highlights the location of more than 3.29 million marketable households with more than $1 million in net worth in the state of California alone. Start mining for your gold with our “Gold” today – contact us to find out how!

*Bain & Company’s Luxury Outlook

Why Acxiom data? Because people-based marketing demands it.

Acxiom’s extensive third-party data offers rich insight into consumers and their behaviors
  • Curated from multiple, reliable sources
  • Includes more than 1,000 customer traits and basic information including location, age and household details
  • Provides more than 3,500 specific behavioral insights, such as propensity to make a purchase
  • Offers real insights into a broad spectrum of offline behavior, not just indicators from web browsing behavior
  • Gives analysts more ways to segment data and use for audience modeling
Acxiom data fuels highly personalized data-driven campaigns, enabling you to:
  • Personalize messages and consistently engage audiences across all channels
  • Incorporate both online and offline data in a safe, privacy-compliant way
  • Segment audiences at the household or individual level based on a variety of options from ethnicity and acculturation to digital behaviors
  • Optimize for scale and accuracy
  • Request audience recommendations from seasoned data experts