Acxiom Marketing Services

Put your data to work.

The best data in the world is useless if you can’t integrate and analyze it – and apply the resulting insights. Acxiom Marketing Services creates a secure, unified foundation for all your relevant data-driven marketing. That means you can benefit from the latest innovations and maintain choice of channels and media for optimal consumer experiences.

Strategy & Analytics

Leverage our expert industry consultants to identify revenue growth opportunities, address technology needs and adopt best practices so you can improve your business outcomes.
Assess Your Marketing Strengths and Weaknesses

Compare your marketing strategy, talent, partners, processes and technology to industry benchmarks to see how you stack up.

Delight Your Customers

Create and run a connected marketing program that delights customers with exceptional experiences.

Identify Initiatives to Achieve Your Goals

Understand where you want to be and identify the top initiatives and solutions that can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Develop a Roadmap for the Future

Develop a strategic roadmap to deliver near-term value while moving forward on your long-term objectives.

Marketing Data Environment™

Unify all your customer data so you can more quickly and securely execute relevant, personalized marketing across all channels and media.
Gain a Complete 360-Degree View of Customers

Unify your internal customer data with the industry’s leading consumer recognition – then enhance it with curated third-party data for the most accurate, comprehensive enterprise view of customers and prospects.

Take Your Data Everywhere

Distribute your data to a network of more than 300 adtech and media partners for the most flexibility and choice in running your omni-channel campaigns.

Protect Consumers’ Privacy

Market-leading security, privacy and data governance best practices protect you and your data from consumer privacy and security risks.

Work Seamlessly Across Your Open Marketing Stack

Execute campaigns and use the marketing applications of your choice with pre-integrated partner tools.

Shorten the Learning Curve

Turn data into intelligent insights with integrated, industry-standard modeling tools that reduce training and accelerate insights.

Implement Quickly

Leverage our configurable environment and industry-specific data models to get your marketing foundation in place rapidly and begin reaping the benefits of data-driven insights faster.

Marketing Analytics Environment™

Connect the customer journey across all online and offline channels – safely and securely – so you can measure, model and optimize the consumer experience.
Measure Marketing Programs Across Channels

Link your consumer, campaign and transaction data across campaigns as well as online and offline channels.

Protect Consumers’ Privacy

Integrate your data across anonymous and known touch points while respecting consumer privacy through using safe haven technology.

Shorten the Learning Curve

Leverage integrated, industry-standard analytics tools to reduce the learning curve and accelerate reporting, modeling and segmentation.

Enable a People-Based Approach

Consistently connect consumer touch points with a people-based approach to your marketing analytics.

Take Your Insights Everywhere

Activate your insights across a network of more than 300 adtech and media partners for the most flexibility and choice in the industry.

Expand Your Capabilities

Leverage marketing strategists and experts to establish a measurement foundation, acquire the most profitable new customers and optimize the consumer experience.

Marketing Partner Exchange

Share data and insights with your marketing partners to capture additional insights, identify untapped opportunities and improve your marketing performance.
Collaborate for Greater Insight

Collaborate with your marketing partners and share data about your mutual customers and prospects to capture additional insights.

Protect Your Data – and Consumers’ Privacy

Anonymously share data segments and insights with your partners without disclosing the actual consumer data.

Unlock Data Value

Securely share your data with your business partners to unlock potential revenue opportunities.

Data Privacy & Governance

Safely collect, use and monetize data across all marketing channels to unlock the value of your data while building customer trust and actively managing risk.
Demonstrate Compliance

Achieve demonstrable compliance with privacy assessments our industry-leading privacy and security teams deliver.

Maximize Data Value

Get expert guidance and a strategic roadmap for change to help maximize the value of your data while also protecting your organization.

Drive Organizational Awareness

Educate your organization about data privacy and governance with customized education services.