AbiliTec Customer Recognition

AbiliTec Customer Recognition Powers People-based Marketing

Many marketers only kind of know who their customers are. Delivering an exceptional customer experience takes knowing customers — not guessing who or where they are. It’s understanding that online and offline are one big marketing ecosystem and building a strategy that doesn’t sacrifice one for the other.

Single View of Customer
AbiliTec is matching technology designed to simplify and improve the aggregation of client information using a historical knowledge-based approach. It performs identity resolution — the ability to match customer or prospect data collected over time, across channels and devices, to an accurate identifier of an individual. AbiliTec fuels people-based marketing by delivering the insight to recognize and connect to a single view of your customer and build long-lasting relationships across the customer lifecycle that earn trust in today’s omnichannel world. This is where marketing to one begins.

Big Data Insights
AbiliTec’s advanced customer data management bridges the gap between a wide range of data silos allowing you to gain insights into your customer’s behaviors, preferences and connection points that have never before been available.  There is really nothing else like it to fuel an improved customer experience and true people-based marketing.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?
Omnichannel marketing, a unified and cohesive brand experience across all channels that truly enables customer-centric campaigns. Omnichannel is not an “all channels all the time” approach; it’s a more sophisticated, targeted strategy that builds custom experiences from a single view of each customer or prospect, in the right channels.