Risk Mitigation

Sometimes it’s outright fraud and deception. Other times it’s just a simple mistake. Whatever the reason, mistaken identities cost companies billions of dollars a year in lost revenue.

Verify and Authenticate Identities

Reduce fraud losses. Maintain regulatory compliance. Maximize profitability. Reliably validate and confirm identity with speed and accuracy.

Connect to Risk Data

Get sub-second access to comprehensive identity data for U.S. consumers. Even better – you’re in complete control.

Prevent Fraud at Point-of-Sale

Specialized solutions provide pre-populated data and pre-built and custom scorecards to improve operational efficiency and produce a better overall customer experience.

Analyze and Visualize Critical Data

Quickly see and react to potential risks.

Adapt and Comply with Ever-Changing Regulations

From Know Your Customer (KYC) to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, comply with state, local and federal statutes.

Industry Solutions

Proactively detect fraud patterns and activity. Reduce costs. Improve decision making.