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Meet the Acxiom Leadership Team

  • Scott Howe

    Scott Howe

    CEO and President

    As CEO and President of Acxiom, Scott drives a strong, results-oriented culture for Acxiom’s associates as the company deepens and expands its offerings of global marketing and technology products.

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  • Warren C. Jenson

    Warren C. Jenson

    CFO and President of International

    Warren C. Jenson is the Company’s Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. He also serves as President of Acxiom International. He joined Acxiom in 2012 and is responsible for all aspects of Acxiom’s financial management and the Company’s business operations outside the United States.

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  • James Arra

    James Arra

    Co-President – Connectivity

    As Co-President of LiveRamp, Acxiom’s Connectivity Division, James leads the go-to-market strategy for LiveRamp’s client verticals: brands, agencies, data providers, platforms and publishers.

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  • Anneka Gupta

    Anneka Gupta

    Co-President – Connectivity

    As Co-President of LiveRamp, Acxiom’s Connectivity Division, Anneka leads the product, engineering, marketing and general and administrative functions.

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  • Rick Erwin

    Rick Erwin

    President – Audience Solutions

    As president of Acxiom’s Audience Solutions Division, Rick drives the strategy, growth and profitability of Acxiom’s industry-leading data products and services.

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  • Dennis D. Self

    Dennis D. Self

    President – Marketing Services

    Dennis serves as President & General Manager leading Acxiom’s Marketing Services Division.

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  • Jerry C. Jones

    Jerry C. Jones

    Chief Ethics and Legal Officer and EVP

    Jerry C. Jones is the Company’s Chief Ethics and Legal Officer and Executive Vice President.  He joined Acxiom in 1999 and oversees legal and data ethics matters. He also assists in the strategy and execution of mergers and alliances and the Company’s strategic initiatives.

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  • Sheila Colclasure

    Sheila Colclasure

    Global Chief Data Ethics Officer and Public Policy Executive

    As Global Chief Data Ethics Officer and Public Policy Executive for Acxiom and LiveRamp (an Acxiom company), Sheila directs the enterprise data governance, protection, and privacy program and the external data-focused global policy development for both organizations.

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  • Justin Schuster

    Justin Schuster

    Corporate Chief Marketing Officer

    As Corporate Chief Marketing Officer, Justin advances Acxiom’s position in the marketplace through effective communications, events, and industry thought leadership.

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  • Janet Cinfio

    Janet Cinfio

    CIO and SVP

    As Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Acxiom, Janet leads the overall information technology strategy for the company as well as directing teams in the specific areas of planning, architecture, enterprise applications, infrastructure, operations, IT security & risk management as well as IT procurement.

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  • David Eisenberg

    David Eisenberg

    SVP Strategy and Corporate Development

    David Eisenberg is SVP Strategy and Corporate Development at Acxiom, where he is responsible for strategic planning, M&A, partnerships and investments.

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  • Travis May

    Travis May

    Chief Growth Officer

    As Chief Growth Officer for Acxiom, Travis oversees the growth strategy and supports the business development and product development efforts of the company.

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