Today’s dialog about data can be one-sided, underpinned by profit motives or mistrust. The truth is, many people just don’t understand how data is used, which leads to confusion and suspicion. In reality, data used properly benefits both business and individuals.

Acxiom is committed to the appropriate use of data. We actively participate in the conversations around data, working hard to create policies that protect individuals and allow for the responsible use of data by companies. Despite our longstanding commitment to robust privacy and security standards, legitimate questions remain. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions, as well as our answers.

Q: Why does Acxiom collect data about individuals?

A: The data we collect helps companies market more effectively and reduces fraud and identity theft. Our data also helps people find businesses or other people through our directory services.

Q: How does Acxiom collect data?

A: Acxiom’s data consists of publicly available information, information from surveys and data from other providers. While all of our data collection complies with laws and industry best practices, our marketing data adheres to an even higher standard. We review our marketing data suppliers’ online privacy policies to determine whether individuals are notified that information will be shared for marketing purposes and that people have a choice about such sharing. We do not work with data suppliers whose policies do not meet our strict standards.

Q: Does Acxiom track everything people do on the web?

A:  No. Acxiom does not collect or ingest cross-app or multi-site data.

Q: Can I see and correct information about me?

A: Yes. Acxiom collects three types of data – data that helps companies market more effectively, data that helps reduce fraud and identity theft and data that helps people find businesses or other people through our directory services. We allow individuals to see and correct the data we have about them. For our fraud detection and prevention products click here.

More privacy questions? Click here to view our U.S. Products Privacy Policy, which further explains how we collect and use data. More questions? Contact us at, and we’ll do our best to answer your question.