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Australia Privacy Policy

Acxiom respects the privacy of every individual about whom we hold information. Acxiom offers both information management services and information products to our clients. When we provide information management services, we only process our clients’ information according to the terms and conditions of the contract. When Acxiom provides information products to our clients, we adhere to the information practices described in this privacy policy.


Acxiom recognises that individuals should be informed about how information pertaining to them is used and have choices about the dissemination of that information. To understand what information Acxiom compiles, how it is used in our information products, and to learn how to exercise choice and access please read the information on Access and Opt-Out below.


Acxiom is a member of the Australian Direct Marketing Association and the New Zealand Marketing Association and conforms to all of their self-regulatory guidelines.

Ethical Relationships

Acxiom pledges to conduct our relationships with both clients and other information providers in an ethical and professional manner. In our client and supplier contracts, Acxiom includes a commitment that any data sent to us has been legally obtained for the uses to which it will be put. Additionally, we require that our clients’ subsequent use of any data received from us will be in compliance with data protection laws, as well as with applicable industry information practices.


Acxiom offers individuals access to their personal information held in our databases. Consumers may request this information by writing to us at Acxiom Consumer Care GPO Box 2633, Sydney, NSW 2001 (Australia) or PO Box 68036 Newton Auckland (New Zealand), or sending an email to us at


Acxiom is careful to recognise any valid requests from individuals to suppress their names and information from the products we offer to our clients for use in their marketing communications. Acxiom has sophisticated systems in place to ensure this suppression occurs. Consumers may also request to opt-out by contacting our Consumer Care Department:

  • In writing at Acxiom Consumer Care GPO Box 2633, Sydney, NSW 2001 (Australia) or PO Box 68036 Newton Auckland (New Zealand)
  • By phone on 02 9032 3200 (Australia) or 0800 337 043 (New Zealand)
  • By sending an email to us at

Acxiom also uses the Australian Direct Marketing Association’s Do Not Contact services and the No Not Mail and Do Not Call services of the Marketing Association of New Zealand in our marketing data products.

Furthermore, we agree to comply with any specific restrictions that information providers place on the data. If Acxiom has reason to believe that a client or an information provider is not in compliance with these commitments, Acxiom will then exercise its rights under the contract, which include but are not limited to, terminating that relationship if appropriate.


Acxiom is very involved in privacy education. We educate our clients, our associates and the industry about the issues, guidelines and laws surrounding individual consumer privacy issues, corresponding responsibilities and Acxiom’s privacy policies and practices.


Acxiom maintains quality control procedures to ensure the information we compile and process is as accurate and complete as possible. Acxiom responds promptly to any question about the accuracy of information from clients and consumers.


Acxiom maintains security procedures designed to protect the information we own, license and process from being accessed by any unauthorised person or business. We also use a variety of multi-level security systems to control access to our services and information products.

Consumer Value

Acxiom offers services and information products that create value—including lower prices, greater access, better security, timeliness and diversity—for consumers.

Online Practices

Acxiom’s online privacy practices apply to the collection and use of information collected online from individuals, prospects and customers who visit our website. Acxiom’s Online Privacy Policy describes Acxiom’s use of cookies and what choices individuals have pertaining to the use of information collected by such technologies.

Privacy Policy Changes

From time to time Acxiom may update and revise our privacy policy based on changes in our business environment and changes to applicable law. We suggest that consumers and clients periodically visit our corporate website in order to understand any changes that may have occurred.