Acxiom respects the privacy of every individual about whom we either process information or maintain information in our information products. Our US Products Privacy Policy describes our products and service offerings and the practices we follow to show that respect. This page highlights some of the key points from that Policy. To view the full US Products Privacy Policy please click here.

Acxiom has three primary lines of business: (1) Information Management Services, (2) Digital Connectivity Services, and (3) Information Products. Each is described in more detail below.

  • Information Management Services. Acxiom’s information management services for offline and digital information provide solutions to help our clients in the management, use, and optimization of their customer data and help them identify and reach potential new customers. These solutions can include marketing strategy services to identify best growth opportunities, advanced analytics to identify pockets of economic opportunity and lifecycle marketing improvements, new ways to connect with audiences, website experience optimization, email sending services, and “big data’ information management solutions.
  • Digital Connectivity Services. Acxiom’s Digital Connectivity Services, provided by LiveRamp, an Acxiom company, enable our clients to reach consumers with greater efficiency and more relevant messages across various digital channels, including online, mobile and addressable TV. We connect our clients’ de-identified customer and prospect information to Acxiom marketing information, other third party marketing information, and then connect the combination to our digital ad serving partners. This enables our clients to use this information to make their messages more relevant, have their ads widely delivered, and then measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. We also connect a client’s offline data with their own digital presence, so they can use their data to make their websites and apps more relevant to users. This connectivity service is known as “data onboarding.”
  • Information Products. Acxiom brings to market three types of information products, each containing only the information needed for the intended use. Each product is designed for specific use by our clients with a legitimate need for the product.
    • Marketing and Advertising Products. These products contain information on individuals and households in the U.S. and are developed from many sources, including public records, publicly available information, and data from other information providers. Acxiom’s marketing products are used by qualified companies, non-profit organizations and political organizations in their marketing, fundraising, customer service and constituent service and outreach programs to provide customers and prospects with better service, improved offerings and special promotions.
    • Directory Products: These products contain contact information such as name, address, and telephone number for most of the households and businesses in the United States. These databases are developed from the white and yellow pages of published U.S. telephone directories and information available through directory assistance. Acxiom’s directory products are used by companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, political organizations, and consumers through internet sites to search the entire United States to locate names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
    • Fraud Detection and Prevention Products: These products contain information about individuals and households for risk mitigation, including identity verification, information verification, fraud detection, and fraud prevention. The information used includes information from many different sources, including directories, government records, deceased information, and other suppression information, telephone companies, consumer-provided contact information, and identifying information from credit bureaus where permitted by law (no credit information is included). These products are used by qualified companies (primarily in the finance, insurance, mortgage, real estate and retail industries), non-profit organizations, and government agencies to verify the identity of consumers and to investigate suspicious transactions for fraud prevention. To protect the use of this information, Acxiom does not provide our fraud detection and prevention products to individuals.

Your Choices and How to Contact Us

  • Opting-Out of Marketing Products: Consumers who wish to opt-out of all Acxiom marketing information products may complete and submit an opt-out request form by clicking here. You may view and edit information that determines the Acxiom-data-enabled ads you see or digital offers you receive by visiting
  • Access and Correction for Directory and Fraud Detection and Prevention Products: Consumers may access information in our directory and our fraud detection and prevention products at any time. Information about submitting a request for information in these products can be found here.
  • Complaint Process: Acxiom provides consumers a formal method for filing a complaint about our practices or procedures. This method specifies what information must be included in the complaint and where it should be directed. To learn how to file a complaint, e-mail us at or call 1-877-774-2094 toll free.
  • Other Questions: If you have any other question about any of Acxiom’s information practices or products, email us at or call 1-877-774-2094 toll free.

Effective Date: May 2018. Click here for previous version.