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Acxiom & Treasure Data

Enabling full funnel personalisation, measurement and attribution to deliver unparalleled CX

Acxiom & Treasure Data

Take back control of your first-party data

Today, personal information and digital identifiers, often managed using cookies, form much of the underlying connection across the martech and adtech ecosystems. But this landscape is shifting rapidly and third-party cookies are depricating. 

Without the right technologies that gather accurate data to identify both existing and potential new customers and enrich their profiles, it’s hard to imagine how marketers would be able to accurately measure campaign ROI and justify future investment. 

The Acxiom Real Identity™ and Treasure Data customer data platform integration enables brands to:

  • Bring all their data into one place
  • Track a consistent customer identity across paid and owned media channels
  • Deliver insights and support ROI calculation 
  • Learn more about their customers


Our Recent Press Release

Leveraging Acxiom’s extensive knowledge in privacy-compliant data and identity management, and the Treasure Data’s customer data platform (CDP), this exciting new integration enables brands to bridge the gap between paid and owned media for a full-funnel view in a future cookie-less world.

Solution Benefits

  • Enterprise data management

  • Customer modelling

  • Improved personalization

  • Improved Identity Accuracy and Reach

  • Advanced analytics

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