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Introducing Acxiom Auto 360: Combining Consumer Data + Financial Data

What if you needed only one, incredibly powerful data-marketing tool? One solution using best-in-industry capabilities combining household data sets with credit header data and adding insights to influence a customer’s next buying decision.

A data solution so easy to integrate, OEMs and dealers will have a seamless link to additional sales without a disruption to your processes.

Introducing Acxiom Auto 360:

For dealers, Auto 360 is the essential tool to create new and loyal customer traffic through these capabilities with no changes to your dealership process:

  • Identify when conquest customers enter the market with a robust set of criteria including lease and loan terms, monthly payment, make and model propensities, and other filters

  • Built-in campaign templates tailored to drive sales and service drive prospects to trade-in and upgrade from their existing vehicle

  • Connect Auto 360 seamlessly into your DMS and CRM; push premium leads to your sales team or business development center with ease

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