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Auto Incentives are Overdue for an Overhaul

Optimize Incentive Budgets and Identify Personalized Audiences

More automotive incentives are being offered now than at any time in history, and with good reason. The immediate automotive recovery requires incentives to drive traffic and ultimately, purchases.

Identifying prospects and their vehicle demand help OEMs introduce and reposition vehicle incentive offerings and identify audiences. These efforts can lead to as much as 2% savings on incentive budgets, generating additional profits nationally, regionally, and locally.

Auto Incentives are Overdue for an Overhaul Auto Incentives are Overdue for an Overhaul

Acxiom’s Incentive Optimization and Management Solution leverages our 50 years of data and analytics expertise and our database with more than 260 million best-in-class households to help you identify offers and audiences to profitably sell vehicles. This Acxiom solution:

  • Protects your profitability by identifying the audience segment and incentive amount that is competitive and benefits the buyer and the OEM

  • Gives OEMs the ability to offer incentive personalization while maximizing revenues

  • Facilitates your traditional incentive process with our data-driven approach

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