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The 4 Fundamentals of Seamless, Data-Driven Customer Experiences

Created at April 6th, 2017

The 4 Fundamentals of Seamless, Data-Driven Customer Experiences

As the number of channels and devices in the marketplace continues to proliferate, the impact of increased fragmentation can be seen everywhere. Consumers feel it when they experience messages that are disjointed, untargeted, or irrelevant. And marketers encounter it each time they try to run a campaign or measure impact across more than a single channel.

The brands that learn how to tame this fragmentation and unlock the full potential of their data create a tremendous competitive advantage for themselves. By making each interaction useful and relevant, the best data-driven marketers create seamless experiences that strengthen customer relationships. They understand their customers better, find the best moments to engage, and make every dollar they spend yield a bigger return.

At Acxiom, we believe four fundamentals are key to making this happen:

Enable people-based marketing everywhere

See how to market to real people, not devices. The key is identity resolution, the ability to recognize customers no matter which channels they use to engage your brand. Resolving identity both offline and online lets you unify your messaging and deliver experiences that truly are seamless.

Augment customer insights through the new data economy

First-, second- and third-party data are all crucial to understanding customers. Find out the importance of each type of data and why you need to harness their insights – plus why it’s smart to work with experts who can help you activate consumer data throughout your ecosystem.

Build your own open garden

How can you untangle complex marketing stacks, make everything you own work together better and put future-proof your investments? By building an open garden, where everything is connected at the data layer. Discover how an open garden approach frees you to choose the best of breed solutions you need—and still maintain control by enabling everything to work from the same set of data.

Ensure ethical data use

To protect your brand, it’s critical to use data ethically in ways that are legal, fair, and just. Learn all the reasons why ethical data use matters and see our brief guidelines based on Acxiom’s 45+ years of experience.

Hot off the virtual press, our new e-book on the 4 Fundamentals of Seamless Data-Driven Customer Experiences provides a deeper dive into each of these topics.