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Accurate Targeting and Measurement Holds Back Cross-Channel Campaigns

Accurate Targeting and Measurement Holds Back Cross-Channel Campaigns

According to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, mobile adoption has exploded in the last decade, with smartphone ownership today surpassing 2 billion worldwide.  This presents a tremendous opportunity for marketers to reach their intended audience on the closest thing we have to a truly personalized channel. But just as mobile offers a unique platform for brands, it also poses unique challenges in terms of effectively targeting that intended audience, then measuring the  campaign’s success  against meaningful metrics.  Let’s remember cookies are problematic in the mobile environment, offering no solution for the in-app experience.  These challenges further complicate a marketer’s ability when trying to measure the true cross-channel success of their campaign. Without the ability to measure the successes of the mobile campaign against meaningful metrics like in-store and online sales, you likely have a significant piece of your media mix that is not attributable. Measuring and attributing the campaign lift of each and all channels in a unified environment is a marketer’s imperative in today’s age of the customer, and mobile is an increasingly critical piece of that pie.

To tackle this tremendous opportunity in mobile and cross-channel campaign targeting and measurement marketer’s must:

  • Enable personalized targeting with enhanced targeting capabilities
  • Focus on meaningful mobile advertising objectives and metrics
  • Invest in the right tools and technologies to provide a unified view of the customer

Recently Acxiom and 4INFO commissioned a study — Master Mobile Measurement to Unleash True Cross-Channel Advertising. The study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, surveyed 100 U.S. digital marketing decision-makers from consumer-facing brands. Among the findings:

• 93% of surveyed respondents would launch more cross-channel campaigns if they were able to effectively measure their mobile advertising performance against the metrics they care about

• Only 13% feel very confident in their ability to measure cross-channel initiatives

• 42% cite the inability to accurately target the same user across channels as a top challenge

And join us on October 30th at 1pm eastern for an Acxiom and 4INFO sponsored webinar featuring Forrester Research, Inc. to explore the findings from the study. Guest speaker Jennifer Wise, an analyst with Forrester Research, Josh Herman, VP of Partner Strategy with Acxiom, and Chuck Moxley, the CMO of 4INFO will:

  • Present  the compelling findings from the study
  • Discuss their implications
  • Explore innovative approaches for achieving cross-channel marketing success through accurate mobile measurement.

Sign up here. I hope to see you there!