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Acxiom To Accelerate Open Onboarding for All

Acxiom Last Updated May 14th, 2014
Acxiom To Accelerate Open Onboarding for All

Whenever any company announces an acquisition, much of the initial attention is on the “What” of the deal (“What was the price?”, “What will this mean to revenues and stock price?”, Etc.). I’d like to use this post to get a bit more into the “Why” – why Acxiom’s decision to purchase LiveRamp makes so much sense and why this is so important – not just for our two companies but for the entire marketing industry.

The need to make better business decisions is necessary for companies everywhere. Effectiveness requires collecting and analyzing data, and then providing connections across the ecosystem to make the data and insights actionable. But ever expanding and evolving technologies continue to complicate the landscape. Acxiom’s acquisition of LiveRamp is an important step forward in accelerating the ability to connect and reach audiences across channels. With this announcement, Acxiom’s vision of powering an ecosystem that delivers 1:1 marketing at scale becomes even more of a reality.

This acquisition will bring together the established leader in marketing data with the emerging leader in data onboarding to create the industry’s most comprehensive network of connections. For the marketing industry, it’s like that moment when the transcontinental railroad was joined, whereby East was united with West. Suddenly, there was an interconnected set of tracks that could be used by all to bring regions and people together in convenient ways never before possible. It ushered in a whole new era that benefited industries, companies and consumers.

This isn’t a new concept or strategy for Acxiom – it is the natural evolution that furthers the mission we put in place with Acxiom’s Audience Operating System (AOS): to provide open services that make data distribution across channels and devices simple, standardized and secure.

We will further open the playing field by allowing every party to choose the technologies, channels and partners that are right for them. This is great news for all:

  • For marketers and advertisers, we increase the opportunity to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time through the right channel; moreover, we increase their ability to extract value from the investments they have made and create even more relevant campaigns across channels in the process.
  • For technology providers, we help their customers extract more value out of their solutions today, tomorrow and for years to come.
  • For publishers and media providers, we make their audiences more accessible and profitable.

Ultimately, consumers win through better advertising and more connected experiences wherever and however they choose to engage with the brands they love.

Although much remains to be finalized in the coming weeks while the transfer of ownership is finalized, Acxiom and LiveRamp have a common vision for the future – one that creates new pathways to better marketing and results, and inspires exciting new innovations that will change the business of marketing for good.

Our goal as an industry has to be making marketing perform better and improving consumers’ lives in the process. I believe that an open and neutral service for onboarding is the key ingredient that has been missing. And today, we took a big step forward.

For everyone.