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Acxiom & IPG – the possibilities begin today!

Dennis Self Last Updated January 9th, 2019
Acxiom & IPG – the possibilities begin today!

Today, Acxiom LLC (Acxiom) announced that the acquisition of Acxiom by Interpublic Group (IPG) is complete. Acxiom will operate as an independent company under the Acxiom brand as part of the IPG family.

The sale of Acxiom to IPG comes at a pivotal point in our industry. In our data-driven world, consumers expect the brands they interact with to provide exceptional, personalized experiences across all touchpoints and channels. They also expect – and market regulations increasingly demand – accountability, transparency and choice in how their data is used.

To meet today’s demands for omnichannel experiences and data privacy, brands and their agencies need to leverage foundational capabilities in identity management, a comprehensive global data strategy, the ability to integrate data across martech and adtech systems, and an ethical data use framework. Acxiom’s deep expertise in these areas positions us to continue enabling data-driven marketing for the world’s largest brands in this rapidly changing environment.

What’s particularly exciting about becoming part of the IPG family is the opportunity to showcase the power of Acxiom’s solutions in tandem with the expertise agencies bring to the table. Marketers understand the synergies of combining Acxiom’s world-class data and service offerings to enable highly personalized, omnichannel customer experiences with IPG’s strengths in media, creative, advertising and marketing services, but historically this has been easier said than done. We believe this union between Acxiom and IPG – bringing together the art and science of marketing – is the next wave of innovation in data-driven marketing, laying the unified data foundation to empower the world’s largest brands.

Acxiom’s ability to operate as a standalone company within the IPG family of companies is a key reason this deal benefits not just Acxiom and IPG but also the industry as a whole. It solidifies Acxiom’s commitment to being an open and neutral solutions provider for the entire marketing ecosystem, allowing us to make every martech and adtech solution better with our global data, expert omnichannel services, and unified data layer framework. Our Open Garden approach provides a blueprint for a marketing and advertising ecosystem that is connected at the data layer, and our data ethics-by-design approach ensures ethical data use across all we do.

Acxiom’s value and legacy in the industry is clear, and it includes collaboration with data partners, agencies, publishers, platforms and technology providers across the ecosystem. That will not change. Becoming part of IPG will certainly bring us new opportunities, but rest assured our foremost focus is, and will continue to be, our clients, our partners and our agency clients who have put their trust in us over the years and continue to look forward with us at what’s to come. Our talented associates will continue to help our clients grow and deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences to their customers.

Acxiom is, and will remain, the data foundation for the world’s best marketers. Here’s to our next chapter.

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