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Acxiom Women in Data & Tech:
Women in Retail Leadership Summit Equal Parts Energizing and Inspiring

Melissa MethenyMay 13, 2019
Acxiom Women in Data & Tech: Women in Retail Leadership Summit Equal Parts Energizing and Inspiring

An amazing group of professional women — sharing and collaborating — left me energized and inspired as I represented Acxiom at the Women in Retail Leadership Summit, which was held April 29-May 1 in Key Biscayne, FL. It was a great event with more than 250 executive women in attendance.

Acxiom was a proud sponsor of the event, and I was thoroughly impressed with all the attendees I met and even more by the speakers,  who provided insights about their struggles and successes along the road to the C-suite.

I moderated a lunch panel on omnichannel attribution, data and analytics challenges. It was great to hear the women detail some of the major challenges they faced and how different companies are tackling them. The types and volumes of data have grown exponentially, which leaves most organizations drowning in a sea of data and struggling to stitch together all the systems and data skills required to analyze it.

If you get the wrong data, everything after that will be flawed. We all know that analytics is equal parts science and art, and it takes skill to transform raw data into insights that are actionable. We discussed how Acxiom is providing our clients  analytics environments and capabilities to help address this gap. And finally, accurate attribution is a key component to a successful omnichannel strategy.

Due to the fragmentation of technologies and platforms, digital data has introduced complexities for marketers that makes it hard to generate accurate and objective results. Acxiom is helping clients bring together all their offline and online,digital data into a complete view of the consumer to help solve for this challenge.

I want to share a few memorable quotes from the event:

  • Amy Errett, CEO of Madison Reed, said it best: “When women are confident they are beautiful.”  She also talked about how we should not try to get consensus in all our decisions. “Disagreements lead to better decisions.”
  • Bess Healy, senior vice president of strategy and transformation at  Synchrony, focused on the importance of relationship building and how creating and developing personal relationships in each phase of her career was key to her successes. “Take a second to think about whose life or whose career you can change. You have the power to do that – to reach out and lift up.”
  • Dr. Betty Orlandino, executive coach, emphasized the importance of networking: “Your network defines your net worth. People hire people they know, like and trust.”

It was inspiring to hear so many powerful speakers share their stories of failures and successes.

Walking away from this conference, I was so encouraged to be a part of an organization that lifts up women.  On March 8, I, along with Janet Cinfio and Stefana Rusu, launched Acxiom’s first Women LEAD (Leadership, Enrichment and Development) program.

The Acxiom Women LEAD group shares a passion for the diversity and development of future leaders for Acxiom, with the goal of supporting the company’s intention to provide equal opportunities for everyone at Acxiom.

The mission for the Acxiom Women LEAD group is to champion Acxiom women by understanding the challenges they face and create learning opportunities to advocate for every colleague in our quest to create a more inclusive workplace. This group will come together to train, network, participate in events involving expert panels and internal and external speakers, mentor, and more!

Our launch event is May 23 and will include a panel of senior female leaders to discuss their path to success as well as a panel featuring Dennis Self, Acxiom’s CEO; and Shayne Smith, Chief Legal Counsel. They will discuss why they support this program. The day will end with a training on the four Cs of leadership, presented by Tim Ressmeyer, an executive coach.

There is an enormous amount of research that shows diverse and inclusive companies perform better than less diverse and inclusive companies. The Acxiom Women LEAD group is an important step in that direction.

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