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MyAcxiomPartner for Small Business

Tamara Berry Last Updated June 12th, 2020
MyAcxiomPartner for Small Business

Today, small businesses have access to more media and distribution channels than ever before. From direct mail to social media to email marketing to mobile advertising, their ability to reach a targeted consumer has never been more attainable. Small business success in personalized direct marketing lies in unlocking the power of their consumer data. It’s about leveraging the right insights to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time, on the device they prefer.

So how is Acxiom helping Small Businesses? is an easy-to-use self-service site that enables business owners and marketers to build and launch targeted, multichannel advertising campaigns at a fraction of the cost of previously available solutions.

MyAcxiomPartner provides businesses precise audience targeting to reach consumers who will most likely take advantage of their marketing offers. Thousands of pre-built scored models are available for immediate use when building a mailing list, phone list, or digital campaign. Furthermore, MyAcxiomPartner empowers businesses to execute multichannel mobile and social campaigns with the publisher of their choice, applying the same filters used when generating a prospect list for direct mail.

What makes MyAcxiomPartner innovative?

Mobile advertising spending doubled to $8.1 billion in North America last year, an increase fueled in part by the medium’s accessibility to small- and medium-sized businesses—think restaurants and dentists—running local campaigns. We have been on top of the trend with the introduction of, a self-service site that enables small businesses to quickly and simply launch data-informed mobile and social campaigns.

MyAcxiomPartner was created with the goal of combining the power of Acxiom’s enterprise marketing engine with the ease and flexibility of a self-service platform. With the click of a button, businesses can target customers on mobile and social with the same precision they’ve been able to achieve for years with direct mail.

Learn more in the video below!

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