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The Age of the Omnichannel Integrator

AcxiomJune 29, 2017
The Age of the Omnichannel Integrator

This week we released a new eBook titled “The Age of the Omnichannel Integrator”. We’ve coined this new term in partnership with industry experts because we believe the Omnichannel Integrator will serve a vital role in helping companies unlock revenue growth in today’s fragmented marketing landscape. Here is a summary of what the eBook explores.

The things that keep CMOs up at night. The CMO’s job might be the hardest job in business today. In addition to revenue growth, marketing leaders also have to:

  • Deliver great customer experiences everywhere
  • Personalize interactions across digital and offline channels, powered by people-based segmentation for individualized, cross-channel campaigns
  • Measure the impact of marketing spend, including channel attribution and media mix optimization
  • Improve the return on technology investments, including your DMP, CRM and personalization engine
  • Ensure the ethical use of customer data

These challenges are compounded by an underlying problem — marketing channel fragmentation.

The Fragmentation Challenge. Great customer experiences are extremely difficult to deliver when digital channels like search, display, mobile, and social are constantly shifting.  And, emerging channels like chatbots, voice assistants, and virtual reality are generating new sets of data about your customers or prospects.  Consequently, fragmentation will result if you don’t bring together data from these channels and martech/adtech systems to form a complete view of the customer.

How can you bring order to this fragmentation and deliver positive business results?

A Data Foundation for Omnichannel Marketing. Last year, we named a movement that is taking place across the industry: the “Open Garden.” This is an exciting new marketing approach that makes possible an unprecedented level of connectedness and transparency for marketers while delivering far better – and more relevant – customer experiences.

With this approach, you integrate your systems for campaign management, CRM, analytics, and advertising at the data layer – a “hub and spoke” model that reduces the complexity and cost of multiple, “point-to-point” integrations that occur when you connect at the application layer.  The end result is a data foundation that resolves identity everywhere: the only way to achieve a complete view of the customer, people-based marketing, closed-loop measurement and super-relevant customer experiences.

However, connecting your entire marketing and advertising ecosystem at the data layer is a non-trivial challenge that generalist systems integrators and internal IT departments struggle with due to a lack of domain expertise in customer data ecosystems and ethical data use. Who can help you with this challenge?

Introducing The Omnichannel Integrator. The fragmentation of channels, technology, and data – and the unique dynamics of customer data – demands a new services partner to solve this underlying problem:

  • The Omnichannel Integrator is a new type of data and systems integrator that helps brands enable amazing customer experiences by integrating and optimizing marketing channels, technology and data through end-to-end services including: strategy, integration, managed services, data environments and measurement & analytics.
  • In addition, the Omnichannel Integrator combines deep domain expertise with mastery of consumer data, identity resolution, ethical data use, and data stewardship.

Omnichannel Integrators are focused on helping solve the toughest marketing challenges, from customer experience and personalization to measurement, attribution, optimizing media spend and data stewardship. They’re laser-focused on quantifiable business outcomes that increase audience reach, boost revenue and improve ROI.

To learn more about how you can finally unite the entire marketing landscape around the customer, read our new eBook, “The Age of the Omnichannel Integrator,” featuring insights from industry experts like Winterberry Group Senior Managing Director, Bruce Biegel; Editor, Scott Brinker and CDP Institute Founder, David Raab.

Click here to download a copy today.