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AOS and the Biggest Awards of the Year

Acxiom Last Updated July 26th, 2018
AOS and the Biggest Awards of the Year

Do you ever get really ticked off during award shows? 

I wanted to pour a bucket of cold water down someone’s shirt after learning (in college film class long long ago) that Singin’ in the Rain did NOT win Best Picture in 1952.

And I still get dizzy knowing that Vertigo did NOT win either…

And I REALLY need to give someone a little talking to, out back, in the woods, when I think of Dances With Wolves beating out Goodfellas! Oh, the humanity….

Are you mad as heck and don’t want to take it anymore? [Network, also not a winner!]

Do you need to stand up to the dark night of injustice and let you voice ring out over all of Gotham?

Now you can…by voting in The Stevie Awards!

The Stevies are the ONLY national, all-encompassing business awards.

And while you won’t see Givenchy dresses and Prada on the walkways, you will see a nominee from Acxiom in this year’s competition:

Acxiom’s Audience Operating System!

You know that Acxiom’s Audience Operating System deserves that shining golden statue!

What other marketing solution

  • offers best-in-class consumer insights to find the perfect audience for your offers?
  • mixes in buttery-hot customer and prospect files with easy-to-use segmentation tools?
  • delivers red carpet audiences directly to premium publishers and leading ad-tech destinations for accurate onboarding?
  • creates dazzling  interactive reports, custom metrics, attribute-based lookalikes, and big data analyses without waiting for intermission?

Folks, it’s true. The Wizard of Oz did NOT win best picture!

Do not look back in anger!

There’s only one week, one moment, to let the industry know what we know….Acxiom’s AOS is the 5-Star Premiere worth celebrating!

It takes just a few seconds….and the golden envelopes are sealed August 8…so Vote Now!