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Data-Driven Insights Key to Travel Recovery

Created at January 11th, 2022

Data-Driven Insights Key to Travel Recovery

COVID-19 has upended the travel industry and has radically impacted people’s consideration and capabilities as they deal with travel restrictions, reduced budgets and concerns of health and safety.  Fortunately, we are starting to see signs of recovery on the horizon, thanks to vaccines, the pent-up demand of travelers, and rapidly adapting travel companies.

Of course, every travel company’s business situation is unique, but there are some key strategies that, if employed now, will help marketers maximize their chances for success. 

Know Your Customers

Truly understanding people is the key to recovery and the key to meeting travelers where they are now.  Travel marketers should ask themselves, “Can I accurately identity a person across channels and devices?”  To connect personally, you need a reliable identity resolution and management process.  It’s even more critical than ever to understand how to best engage with a person in an appropriate and thoughtful way.

Develop Better Insights

What your travel customer looked like at this time last year may be very different than today.  Having current, accurate insights is a game changer and will allow you to create the best customer experience possible.

Activate Better Digital Audiences

It’s critical that travel brands create addressable high-value audiences and activate them in the right channels.  Building better digital and media audiences helps focus marketing messages and engagement strategies for those travelers who are ready to get back out there.

Create More Personalized Messaging

Travel companies must get more personal to earn people’s trust and create real engagement.  Show people you understand their concerns and needs with more personal, contextual, and authentic messaging. 

Encourage Better Loyalty

People have not been able to earn and use loyalty rewards during the pandemic in the same way as in the past.  Your customers have changed, and your loyalty program must be able to drive engagement based on their evolving needs.  Another way to drive loyalty is through partner collaboration to better understand people’s behaviors to create connected, seamless travel experiences.