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The Dawn of Marketing Science

Acxiom Last Updated November 20th, 2018
The Dawn of Marketing Science

It’s been shown time and time again.  How many breakthrough discoveries have come about not by uncovering something new, but rather by looking at what we already know in a new way? Whether it’s quantum computing, data set vs mindset, or new technology that brings audiences together in a way that revolutionizes an industry, the age of the data scientist is here.

What does that mean for us marketers? It means a renewed importance on analytics and measurement. It means learning how to lead the charge created by trends like consumer empowerment. It means marketing taking a leading role in corporate strategy. After all, we (should) always have our finger on the pulse of the market.

In December, the Harvard Business Review called for companies to shift strategy downstream, from products to consumers. Is this a radical new idea? Maybe for some, but for others it’s yet another example of looking at what a company already knows differently. Who are your competitors in your customers’ eyes? What really drives their decision process?

Bottom line, it’s about understanding what’s really important to your business and then developing impactful strategies that translate into clear actions. It could be something like looking at how advertising really works.  Chances are, it requires taking another look at the mountains of data we already have to understand what truly matters.