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How The Ethical And Appropriate Use Of Data Can Revolutionize Customer Engagement

Steve ManattApril 23, 2015

At Forrester’s recent Forum for Marketing Leaders Sheila Colclasure, our privacy officer for the Americas, spoke about key considerations on the ethical use of data in today’s digital, multi-touch world. Rapid consumer adoption of digital technology has fueled massive new sources of data. Each of these new data flows has compliance issues and considerations that must be understood, navigated, and ultimately adhered to by brands. How effectively, thoughtfully, and compliantly marketers harness these new data sources is under more scrutiny than ever by both consumers and regulators. This presentation provides guidelines for navigating the sensitive and critical world of consumer privacy in a customer-obsessed environment, and how to manage the often perceived antithetical demand by consumers for greater transparency in how their data is used and more contextual and relevant offers and services from their brands of choice.

Watch the presentation here: