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Expanding Audiences With Global Consumer Data

Acxiom Last Updated August 6th, 2019
Expanding Audiences With Global Consumer Data

Brands will spend an estimated $206 billion on ad spend in the United States this year, making it the largest advertising market in the world. Many marketers and advertisers put this market at the center of their paid strategies, but many others, particularly those at large global brands, need to reach consumers throughout the world — not just in the U.S.

Our new eBook, Reach Over 2.5 Billion of the World’s Marketable Consumers: Expand Your Audiences with Global Data, targets this audience. In 11 short pages, it covers:

  • Key trends driving demand for global marketing, including globalization, digital innovation and rapid adoption of mobile devices
  • Key challenges of marketing on a global basis, including availability and granularity of data, varying legal requirements and cultural acceptance of data-driven marketing, a lack of identity resolution technology and fragmented data activation
  • Global data use cases for the travel and hospitality, retail, financial services, technology and automotive industries
  • Success stories of brands across a range of industries executing global marketing
  • Expert insights from industry leaders
  • How to select the right partner to navigate the global data and privacy landscape

Armed with the insights from this eBook, marketers and advertisers can discover how to overcome the numerous challenges that prevent them from seamlessly executing campaigns on a global scale.

There’s a world of opportunity to deliver a true borderless experience to consumers. Download our new eBook to learn how to seize this opportunity and reach more than two-thirds of the world’s digital population with Acxiom.