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What Does the Future Hold for Email Marketing?

Acxiom Last Updated September 8th, 2015
What Does the Future Hold for Email Marketing?

I’ve never been a big believer in fate or destiny. The world reinvents itself every day. There are just too many possibilities and too many opportunities to take what we’ve learned and drive change—but sometimes that does mean giving up control.

Over the past few decades, marketers have had to cede a lot of control to consumers, giving rise to government regulations, social networks, and mobile devices. Clearly, customers are in control, and they demand  relevance and value, anywhere and anytime they interact with a brand.

The bad news is: there’s a lot more “anywheres” and “anytimes” now. The good news is: there’s a lot more “anywheres” and “anytimes” now. Yes, marketing is more complex; but marketers now have at their disposal all the data and technology they need to—and no excuses not to—understand what every customer wants, and deliver it.

Thanks to the explosion of big data, blurring digital channels, and the Internet of Things, there are so many more opportunities now to genuinely get to know our customers; to connect with them when, where, and how they want to engage with us; and to learn how we can make their lives better—and, as a result, grow our businesses. After all, that’s the ultimate objective of marketing, and it hasn’t changed. What has changed, and what will continue to change, is the way marketers achieve that objective.

Gathering customer data, gaining insight from it, and leveraging it to power better marketing is the way of the future, and email holds the key to unlocking the potential of this new data-powered, digital world. Email is undergoing a renaissance right now, and you can be a part of it.

On Thursday, September 17th, industry experts, thought leaders, and marketers will converge in Boston for the sixth installment of the “Future of Email” tour. I’ll be speaking at the event, along with Liveclicker Co-Founder and VP Justin Foster, on how new technologies and data insights are enabling marketers to transform their email programs and drive greater ROI from their overall cross-channel marketing efforts.

Along with the panels, discussions, and demos, there will be plenty of opportunities to network at the hosted cocktail reception immediately following the sessions. We expect a full house at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. I hope you’ll join us for this complimentary event and help drive the new email marketing revolution.

Visit to learn more and reserve your seat today.