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Matt Nilles Last Updated June 2nd, 2020

We are approaching the end of the 32nd Winter Olympics, and I am continually amazed by the dedication and determination these athletes clearly possess. The honed skill is obvious, and I imagine it would be nearly impossible to find any Olympic competitors who only recently began their journey to Pyeongchang. These athletes are undoubtedly fulfilling a lifelong dream, and they have sharpened their craft through years of practice and competition. This is imperative to become the best at what they do. After all, nobody can simply pop onto the scene, without preparation, and win Olympic gold.

The same can be said for identity resolution. Many companies attempt to bypass the years of development and preparation in hopes of a shortcut to the medal podium. They sell clients a story, an idea, with little to no experience behind their claims. Unfortunately for them, accurate identity resolution is simply not something that is created overnight, and clients cannot go to market with just an idea. To excel in identity resolution, like those competing in Pyeongchang, companies must also put in the time and practice. They must feel the pressure of competitors and continuously pivot based on aggregated results from the market. Identity graphs, and the matching logic that powers them, are incredibly complex. Success only comes from years of experience and having talented developers who can translate those field learnings into a more powerful product.

As consumer data platforms (CDPs) continue their meteoric rise in the mar-tech industry, the value of an identity graph increasingly becomes more apparent. Data is extremely powerful, and the ability to immediately take action with your data is now a requirement to stay ahead of the competition. Identity graph-driven recognition allows marketers to solve for identity resolution right now, without waiting on customers to authenticate or activate tags from a tag management provider.

We have all heard that time is money, and never has that been truer than in the current marketing landscape. Consumers are more educated than ever, and as a result, time to purchase is at an all-time low. Marketers must match the speed of consumers, and the only way to achieve that speed is through identity graph-driven recognition, where the answer is ready when needed. Marketers cannot afford to rely solely on a tag management provider or CDP for their identity resolution needs.

Combining the value of an established identity graph and the agility of a CDP provides marketers with a winning team that can bridge the identity resolution gap. Last December, Acxiom and RedPoint announced a partnership that will empower marketers to take full advantage of two industry-leading solutions. Combining Acxiom’s market-leading identity graph and data quality services with RedPoint Global’s CDP allows marketers to provide a cohesive, cross-channel customer experience.

Successful marketing begins, and ends, with identity resolution. It delivers the targeted campaign to the right individual and drives accurate measurement on the back end. When searching for the right vendors to partner with, find the companies with the experience and talent to win the gold.

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