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Are You Going to DMA 2014? So Are We!

Tamara Berry Last Updated June 16th, 2020
Are You Going to DMA 2014? So Are We!

Your 360° view of data-driven marketing awaits…DMA 2014, a week-long celebration of the art and science — of the possible and the practical. A sharing of ideas, innovations and case studies by over 200 global marketing leaders from some of the world’s top brands.

It’s all about Igniting Customer Engagement

Today’s consumers interact with brands across an ever growing number of channels and devices. The companies that are able to create the most connected personalized experiences across those channels and devices will be rewarded with revenue and loyalty. Acxiom is passionately focused on making a better world through the responsible and smarter use of data. We believe that by creating intelligent connections between data of all kinds there is opportunity to create better life experiences for people and better marketing for the companies who serve them.

DMA2014 is a week long experience that explores the connections between brands and consumers that can ignite customer engagement. Acxiom, focused on creating the best possible insights about real consumers to use for recognition, targeting, and measurement is right at home at the DMA.

Visit us at DMA 2014 to hear Acxiom’s point-of-view on data and its value in igniting customer engagement.Monday, October 27th

Best Practices in Multichannel Marketing for the SMB: Facebook & Acxiom Tell All

  • Location and Time: 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
  • Description: Ask the Experts Roundtable, Grab your lunch and discuss:
  • How to engage your audience across marketing channels- direct mail and digital
    • Digital (web and mobile) best practices
    • Resources so you’re not going it alone in digital marketing
  • Speakers: Pankaj Mathur, Senior Director, Acxiom and Andrew Briggs, Marketing Manager Facebook

Tuesday, October 28th

Mobile Darwinism: From Mobility to Mobility

  • Location and Time 11:50 a.m. – 12:35 p.m.
  • Description: This session will address the evolution from mobile to mobility, and recognize that the competitive advantage is there for those who can leverage the data connected to this evolution. Leverage cases and frameworks so you can not only survive but thrive in this ever-changing and rapidly evolving marketplace.
  • Speakers:
  • Michael Becker, mCordis is moderating
  • Chuck Moxley, 4INFO
  • Matt Annerino, Live Nation
  • Lou Mastria, Digital Advertising Alliance
  • Eric Bader, Radiumone
  • Josh Herman, Acxiom

Industry Update: Financial Marketing in 2015

  • Location and Time 3:15 – 4 p.m.
  • Description: Financial marketing is big news in 2014, and it’s set to get bigger in 2015. Whether it’s the use of mobile technologies and big data, or the enhancement of consumer engagement through analytics and tailored messages, the financial sector is leading the way. This session provides a fascinating snapshot of where we are in financial marketing, and, perhaps, a glimpse ahead to where all of us are going in the near future – a must-see for the forward-thinking marketer in any vertical.
  • Speakers:
  • Erin Winters, Acxiom
  • David Minsker, CitiCards
  • Scott Lascelles, Springleaf Financial
  • Jill Enabnit, US Bancorp

Wednesday, October 29th

Email Acquisition: the Good, the Bad and the Illegal

  • Location and Time: 1:00-5:00pm at Opal
  • Description: Email acquisition continues to be one of the top strategies that marketers struggle with and if to focus on quality or quantity. Additionally, what to ask (if anything) when consumers sign up to receive information from your company. Add to that the deliverability challenges and legal obligations for companies that do business in Canada or the European Union as well as the United States is enough to have anyone’s head spinning. During this session, we will review B2B & B2C best practices in terms of website, shopping cart and mobile acquisition as well as the legal liabilities that you have to be mindful of when asking for an email address. You will take away solid strategies and tactics about how to maximize every entry point of your company.
  • Speakers: Ryan Phelan, Acxiom and Dennis Dayman, Return Path

Thursday, October 30th

Navigating the Data Maze

  • Location and Time: 8:00am-1:45pm at Crystal 2
  • Database: Day 2 (Part 7). Database marketers are now faced with massive amounts of data, mounting privacy issues and growing regulations on the use, collection and dissemination of data. This session will look at both traditional and new sources of data used to shape database analysis programs. We will address the latest trends in Big Data for the B-C and B-B worlds. Data collection and data connection as well as best practices for determining and protecting your customer data needs will be discussed.
  • Speakers: Joanne Branscum, Acxiom and Doug Christiansen, Acxiom

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