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How Many Legs Does a Dog Have If You Call His Tail a Leg?

Beth Hurwitz Last Updated May 28th, 2020
How Many Legs Does a Dog Have If You Call His Tail a Leg?

“…Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn’t make it a leg.” – Abraham Lincoln

The Importance of Data Quality

Data is at the center of everything we do in marketing, whether it be customer campaigns, prospect advertising or analytical analysis.  All data is NOT the same. Quality does make a difference in driving your success. Making sure you are using high-quality data from the start will increase your success all the way through your marketing process.  

Here are four key legs to make sure your data is powerful.

First, make sure your file is clean. Postal, email mobile and AD ID touch points can make or break a successful marketing campaign.  You need to make sure you are actually reaching the people you are trying to reach. Hygiene is leg one. 

Second, make sure you are resolving the identity of the individual or household. There are many touch points for individuals and households.  You must be sure you are reaching who you are trying to reach to get the most out of your messaging to those customers or prospects.  Being able to connect all the online and offline identities tied to one person is very powerful. It also is at the core of how to measure all marketing activities. Identity resolution is leg two.

Third, make sure you are getting data from quality sources. Making sure the data you procure is real and verified by more than one source ensures your data foundation is strong. High-quality data will carry you through your entire marketing process, from analytics to distribution to advertising to evaluating your marketing campaign.  Accuracy is leg three.

Fourth, don’t just rely on the channels — i.e. cookies, IP address, or social media sites, — without verification.  As an example, just because the data comes from a social media site does not mean it is accurate, especially regarding basic demographics like age, income and gender.  What people report on those sites is not necessarily verified; people often distort the truth or even goof around. You need verified data as the base for your marketing.  Independently verified source data is leg four.

All data is not the same; you want to look for the solid “legs” of data and not just the “tail” they are calling a leg.

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