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Infographic: What Makes A Wine Enthusiast

  • Acxiom

Created at March 23rd, 2017

Infographic: What Makes A Wine Enthusiast

The first days of spring are finally upon us, and people celebrate in all sorts of ways. Some plan garden parties, and others use the Vernal Equinox to kick start their “get fit for summer” regimen. And perhaps a vestige of the days we honored Dionysus and Bacchus, others partake in the many wine and food festivals that begin to sprout up on the spring calendar, like the famous South Carolina celebrations in Charleston and on Hilton Head Island.

In fact, wine popularity has grown steadily in the U.S. over the last few decades. According to the Wine Institute, the average American now consumes just under three gallons of wine a year, up from two gallons in 1990. Many different demographics contribute to this growing trend, especially millennials and women.

With wine on the rise, it raises the question — what’s the difference between a wine drinker and a wine enthusiast? We thought we would use Acxiom data to share some surprising insights about the 9 percent of consumers who consider themselves true wine enthusiasts.

After analyzing a random sample from our database, we uncovered eight not-so-obvious facts and myths about these audiences. We hope marketers can see how leveraging data to develop relevant audience insights can drive meaningful, contextual engagement – whether with niche audiences or a broader segment of consumers.

See what’s fact and what’s fiction below.