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Does Where You Live Influence How You Vote?

  • Acxiom

Created at June 2nd, 2014

Does Where You Live Influence How You Vote?

There have always been differences between rural and urban America and it’s widely known that those differences are also reflected at the voting booth. But can moving to a new place influence how you vote as well?

This analysis, based on data collected at the time of the 2012 presidential election, revealed an interesting political divide between urban and rural voters. Most of the time, states with large urban populations vote for Democrats, while states with mostly rural areas or small towns vote for Republicans.JY urban rural chart 1

Looking at our Audience Transitions database, we found that newer urban residents from rural areas still voted like rural dwellers, while they become more like urban voters the longer they live in the urban area, and vice versa.

Let’s take migrations to City and Surrounds as an example. Republicans dominate those newest residents migrating from rural areas, with those residents who’ve been in the area for one or two years splitting at about 48% for Democrats and Republicans. With two years’ residence or more in the City and Surrounds, Democrats lead the voters.

JY urban rural chart 2

JY urban rural chart 3