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Making New People‑Based Marketing Channels Work For You

Acxiom Last Updated June 2nd, 2020
Making New People‑Based Marketing Channels Work For You

Being in marketing today is exciting. As consumers are adopting new technology and established marketing channels update their capabilities, marketers are gaining new ways to connect with their customers. So how do you take advantage of these new technologies without creating complete chaos? The answer lies in people-based marketing, a type of marketing that connects everything back to the consumer.

By leveraging the power of identity resolution to tie all of your customer data back to that individual’s cross-device identifiers, you’re able to put people at the center of your marketing. As you interact with consumers in more marketing channels, the power of people-based marketing only grows stronger.

Addressable TV

Addressable TV is a great example of an established channel growing stronger through the power of people-based marketing. One cable TV network is using identity resolution to tie their media buyers’ first-party data to third-party consumer data on stuff like car lease expiration dates. That means they can tell media buyers precisely which shows the people on their lists are watching – and where to spend their money.

These segments just became addressable through TV and, if you use your data and targeted messaging capabilities right, are more likely to convert. And the best part? This is the same identity resolution technology you can use to target through digital—one audience, many marketing channels!

Personalizing In-App Ads

Telecom companies are doing the same thing—on mobile devices. Using identity resolution, they’re personalizing their in-app ads to give customers specific recommendations for phone and plan upgrades. This way, they can use the relationships they’ve already developed with their customers to keep the competition away—and personalize wherever their customers go.

While you don’t have access to the same data as a these telecom companies, you do have access to something even better: data on your own customers! You can use identity resolution to tie your customer data to mobile device IDs and use that audience on a mobile DSP.

People-Based Beacons

You know that old marketing vision about people walking past a store and getting tailored recommendations delivered to them? Well, it’s not just a vision anymore. Using in-store beacons and identity resolution, one retail chain is figuring out when one of their customers is browsing in their store. Then, they’re delivering ads that are personally relevant to that customer through third-party apps.

The best part—they can then use identity resolution to see the effect this is having on their in-store and online sales. It’s truly a complete attribution cycle. Identity resolution means a lot of things to the many marketing channels available. But by working together, everyone is winning—even the customer!

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