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Marketing to Consumers’ Interests and Intentions over Resolutions

  • Acxiom

Created at February 28th, 2017

Marketing to Consumers’ Interests and Intentions over Resolutions

We’re now over eight weeks into 2017. It’s time to ask the dreaded question: How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Still sticking to eating healthy and working out more? Unfortunately, chances are most of us have likely already broken many, if not all, of them.

Research shows just over half of consumers (58 percent) maintain their resolutions through the first month of the year, and this number continues to drop as the year progresses. While the reasons for this lack of follow-through are myriad, the heart of the issue is that a resolution tends to be a loosely defined, short-term commitment based in cultural norms and the priorities of others. They frequently do not reflect what a consumer considers personally meaningful, resulting in a tenuous commitment.

Many brands eagerly anticipate the New Year because consumers are believed to be more receptive to engagement as they strive for self-betterment in various areas. But building a long-term engagement strategy around resolutions is not only shortsighted — it’s misguided. It is far more effective to focus instead on consumers’ actual interests and intentions. Uncovering what they care about and feel strongly connected to is ultimately a much better way to develop deep, long-lasting relationships that stretch well beyond January and February.

Acxiom believes data can uncover insights that are truly meaningful and can drive stronger contextual engagement for brands. To show marketers how to better recognize the top areas of interest among consumers, we analyzed a random sample from our database and identified five distinct consumer interest personas. We won’t reveal those here — you’ll have to flip through our SlideShare for that — but they offer marketers a strong foundation to build contextual, relevant consumer experiences.

Check out the SlideShare below and see how you can resolve to be a better marketer in 2017!