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Maximize Adobe Experience Cloud ROI with Digital Transformation Services

Acxiom Last Updated June 2nd, 2020
Maximize Adobe Experience Cloud ROI with Digital Transformation Services

Consumers today demand personalized experiences across all channels and will not tolerate being fed the same cookie-cutter message. The consequences for failing to meet their expectations are significant: According to a research study, more than half of consumers said they’re likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t try to personalize their communications with them.  Furthermore, by 2020, digital ads will make up more than half of all ad spending. As digital budgets continue to increase, it’s more critical than ever that brands are capable of acquiring and engaging each consumer based on his or her specific journey and preferences.  And, to do this right, you need data that provides the context for each customer interaction and the fuel for personalized experiences.

Adobe Experience Cloud: Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

To tackle this challenge head-on, many marketers rely on Adobe Experience Cloud – an integrated set of solutions to build campaigns, manage your advertising, and gain deep intelligence about your business. Specifically, Adobe Campaign, a campaign management solution, works hand-in-hand with Adobe Audience Manager, a data management platform (DMP), to activate cross-channel experiences. Marketers use these solutions to address their most important use cases:

  • Acquiring new customers via paid digital media
  • Personalizing experiences on owned channels like websites and mobile apps
  • Engaging customers and prospects with omnichannel messaging campaigns, including email, direct mail, SMS and push notifications

Acxiom Digital Transformation Services for Adobe Experience Cloud

To maximize the value of their investment in Adobe solutions, marketers need services to ensure successful implementation and ongoing management.  Many organizations are challenged with a skills gap.  In a survey conducted by eConsultancy, 45% of organizations are holding back investments in marketing technology due to a lack of people and skills to effectively use the technology.  Furthermore, according to Forrester, “While DMPs are most often directly owned and managed by the marketing organization, running the DMP for day-to-day activities involves a significant amount of support from external partners.”

Given that need for support, Acxiom provides deep expertise in data and technology services and has launched a new set of offerings within its established customer engagement framework – Assess, Design, Implement and Manage – for Adobe Campaign and Adobe Audience Manager. Acxiom’s implementation and management service includes:

  • Assessing client needs and requirements
  • Designing a flexible and extensible architecture supporting these needs
  • Implementing the solution to ensure successful operation and connecting the technology to a unified data layer (framework recommended by Acxiom)
  • Managing and continually optimizing the solution(s), where needed

The Power of Acxiom Services and Adobe Solutions Together

With Acxiom and Adobe, marketers can ingest, orchestrate and activate all data sources for personalized experiences across channels and campaigns by leveraging powerful audience insights.  For brands seeking enterprise-caliber DMP capabilities, Acxiom’s data implementation and management services ensure advertisers and publishers gain maximum value from Adobe Audience Manager. Additionally, Acxiom offers expert support to help clients not only understand and build unique audience portraits but also activate these audiences across any digital touch point, leveraging a unified data solution approach for maximum impact.

For Adobe Campaign, Acxiom helps marketers plan, orchestrate, and execute powerful omnichannel campaigns that deliver business results. Marketers can leverage Adobe Campaign with their existing marketing CRM solution or take advantage of Acxiom’s next-generation unified data layer framework.

Fuel Adobe Solutions with a Unified Data Layer

Acxiom recommends that organizations establish a unified data layer that provides the foundation for a marketing/advertising ecosystem and the data to fuel Adobe solutions.

It brings together data from digital and offline channels, known and anonymous consumers, and customers and prospects into a single, foundational and privacy-conscious data environment. By using identity resolution capabilities, the unified data layer provides a complete view of the customer that can be activated with Adobe’s campaign management, personalization and audience management solutions to enable relevant, people-based campaigns.

Ready to leverage Adobe and Acxiom to supercharge your customer experiences? Learn more by visiting our website or reading our press release.