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Publishers, Content, Channels and Your Audience

Acxiom Last Updated February 25th, 2020
Publishers, Content, Channels and Your Audience

The news is not always positive for traditional publishers, with lower sales in print consumption and suffering newsstand sales, but The Association of Magazine Media is fighting back with the launch of Magazine Media 360. This is a new audience measurement tool that tracks consumption of magazine content across a range of categories and platforms including print, digital, mobile web, online video and total audience. It is public, with data collected by several research companies and many major companies and magazine brands are represented.

Publishers, like television broadcasters, have realized the need to highlight the true reach and engagement of their audience, no matter what device they are consuming content on, fueling the need for true cross-channel metrics that better serve both their consumers (who used to be called readers) and their advertisers.

Marketers can now more effectively leverage traditional publishers to recognize, reach and engage their targeted audience across all platforms.

No one should be surprised to see traditional publishers doing this. They have deep content libraries, years of experience crafting stories for their audience with professional editors, and strong direct marketing,  email marketing , analytics and CRM chops from years of  acquiring , retaining, upselling, cross selling, and reactivating  subscribers and prospects.

Likewise the march towards seamless content migration across platforms isn’t new. Consumers demand the content they want, when they want it and where they want it, beyond the sphere of the traditional “professional journalists.” They like peer generated content too and they want it all to be shareable, commentable, and customizable. A brand relationship is far bigger than just a print reader. Smart marketers and publishers work together to craft programs that take advantage of this.

Marketers and publishers need to adapt to this emerging reality with a recognition solution that enables them to leverage digital, mobile and addressable television with the same kind of precision and scale they have in direct mail, to expand their universe to previously unreachable audiences. The good news: first party data remains a marketer’s most prized asset in recognizing a consumer across these digital channels, and can be significantly enhanced with the application of third party data. Think of recognition as the linchpin for accurate and effective cross-channel marketing.

Audiences that have been consistently, effectively and economically reached via direct mail and email may now be most successfully targeted elsewhere. Marketers need to leverage their dollars wisely by targeting the right person where they are, and where they are likely to be the most receptive to a new offer, an upsell, cross sell and more. Publishers are in an excellent position to help. Publishing is far more than one channel, it’s high quality content engagement.

Marketers can take advantage of the relationship publishers have already built with consumers to extend their message creatively on all platforms in  a trusted, editorially relevant environment throughout the journey of brand awareness, purchase intent, and brand loyalty.