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Tate’s Take: Identity

  • P. Tate Olinghouse

    P. Tate Olinghouse

    Chief Client Officer

Created at November 1st, 2021

Tate’s Take: Identity

(An excerpt from the 2021 Acxiom Financial Services Review)

Acxiom’s heritage is identity. We were the first in the identity resolution business, building industry-leading algorithms in the 1970s and ’80s and evolving to referential knowledge bases in the ’90s and 2000s. But identity is no longer a linear process focused on just resolving disparate data sources. The new identity solution starts with building private brand-owned identity graphs that help the brand understand the person behind the ever-changing screen of choice. Our solution synchronizes real-time signals with rich offline data – cross-device, cross-channel, and cross-platform.

In the next four articles in the review book, we will discuss the tectonic changes happening in the media landscape and why brands need to lean into their first-party data. We will walk you through those changes and their impacts to key use cases like measurement, activation, and personalization. We follow that with a view through the lens of insurance marketing, sharing our perspective on what’s ahead in that industry.  We also share some recent team takes on banks and the opportunity personalization offers them, and how emerging technology like UID2.0 fits into the picture. 

We put a more intense focus on identity this year, because we view it as foundational to the modern marketing platform. With a strong first-party identity solution, brands regain control of their marketing, reducing dependencies on Walled Gardens and big tech.

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