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Traveler Expectations are Changing. Are You Providing the Right Experience?

Tamara Berry Last Updated June 9th, 2020
Traveler Expectations are Changing. Are You Providing the Right Experience?

The travel landscape in the United States is changing. Rapidly. Travelers have more options than ever before for planning and booking, and their expectations for everything from website interface to airline check-in to room check-out are sky-high.

Suppliers must adapt to meet the rapidly changing tastes and expectations of the travel population. It can be tricky for established brands battling legacy technologies and limited budgets to adjust their ways to update the digital guest experience. More recent market entrants—many of them tech-forward companies like online travel agencies, start-ups and alternative accommodation sites—are constantly upping the competitive ante.

Business and leisure travelers are more well-informed and savvy than even a few years ago and have varying expectations of suppliers across every step of their voyage. Are suppliers meeting the customers’ stringent demands? The answer: sometimes. While many travelers rate themselves satisfied with their experiences, there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

Acxiom’s new study, “Expectations vs. Experience,” covers three generations of travelers—Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials—to pull back the curtain on their preferences related to everything from booking methods and airlines to hotels and cruising. Detailed findings provide actionable intelligence marketers can use to tailor their approaches across mobile, desktop and online platforms to effectively reach these groups.

Travelers have countless options at their disposal, but there are equally numerous ways for suppliers to stand out and deliver a truly satisfying customer experience. After all, nearly three in five consumers would like travel companies to remember their preferences and offer personal recommendations; that touch of personalization could turn would-be guests into lifelong customers.

Download the study today to learn how knowing the unique motivations, behaviors and preferences for travel is invaluable for marketers and suppliers alike as they look for ways to deliver quality and value, keys to acquiring and retaining customers.

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