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Two is Better than One: Augmenting First-Party Identity Graphs

Kyle HollawayOctober 28, 2019

I’m terrible with names. I’ve tried all the tricks for remembering the names and faces of people I meet at networking events or my kids’ basketball or volleyball games. Unfortunately, it is still a hit-or-miss effort, with a miss more often than not. I often find myself recognizing a face when we bump into an acquaintance at the grocery store but have to resort to asking my wife to remind me of his name. I jokingly tell her the reason I married her was for her to be my walking contact list!

With all of the complexity in today’s marketing ecosystem, many brands find themselves in a similar situation. You may engage consumers online, on their mobile device, via email and in person at the point of sale. Often consumers don’t provide you with their full contact information and you are left trying to determine who they are or what their name might be. This is further complicated by identity information being spread across multiple data siloes or departments.

To help identify the various representations of a consumer it is wise to make use of a third-party identity reference graph. Partners such as LiveRamp, Signal or Neustar can assist by being your “walking contact list,” much as my wife has been mine. Their ability to take various identity touch points and signals and associate them with known consumers can be very helpful. This is especially true when the partner is able to make non-intuitive linkages between various representations.  This includes when you encounter a consumer at the point of sale, capturing her name and mobile number, but via a different channel and engagement you might only capture her email address. Without an identity reference graph you would never be able to make the connection between those representations of the same consumer.

By adding identifiers from third-party reference graphs to your first-party identity graph you can build a much more comprehensive view of your consumer audience. Acxiom’s Real Identity™ solutions have integrations with identity providers and configurable rules that define when and how to leverage reference identifiers. As is often true in life, two is better than one. Let Acxiom help you generate the most comprehensive and accurate view of your consumer audience.