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Want to Know How to Connect to Those in the Market to Travel?

  • Carla Schwalbert

    Carla Schwalbert

    Expert Data Solutions Strategist

Created at April 19th, 2021

Want to Know How to Connect to Those in the Market to Travel?

My international barge and bike trip across the Netherlands and Belgium is booked for September 2021!  A friend in our community floated the idea, then organized the excursion six months ago when the COVID-19 pandemic was still in full force. I was surprised how quickly we, along with 20 others, said, “Yes, we’re in as long as travel is sanctioned and once again safe.”  Was the main driver the fact that my husband and I love to travel and love the idea of traipsing across the Dutch countryside visiting charming villages and biking around Belgium’s medieval towns while sampling their famous chocolate, waffles, and beer? Or did we pull the trigger so quickly because we were experiencing COVID fatigue? Honestly, I think it was a little of both.

Then there’s our family – we have already started researching and planning a trip for 2022 to celebrate our son’s college graduation and our oldest two kids’ milestone birthdays.  We are trying to decide between a U.S. national parks trip or a relaxing beach vacation.  We want and need time together to reconnect, relax and create memorable experiences.   I’ve now told you about me … but for brands and advertisers (who are not reading this blog), how do they find me, or people like me?

Acxiom creates addressable travel audiences to reach people who are most likely to travel first as the pandemic starts to subside and as most Americans are vaccinated. The more you know about your target audience, the more precise and relevant your messages and offers can be. Once you have identified these in-market travelers, it is critical to reach them where they can be found.

Examples of travel audiences

Multi-generational Vacations

With families kept apart and at home for the last year, there is pent-up demand for family vacation time and travel. Many extended families look forward to reuniting once it is safe.  Travel brands could promote picture-perfect, multi-generational family getaways to help families vacation together. This audience targets affluent grandparents and parents who are likely to be interested in multi-family vacations with their kids and grandkids. 

Acxiom audiences could include grandparents of minor-age grandchildren, high net-worth people with discretionary income, households that include adults and presence of children and those in the market to travel.

  • Promote family-friendly resorts and vacation rentals to parents
  • Promote family-friendly cruises to grandparents 
  • Promote hotels in destinations popular with Gen Z and Baby Boomers 

Couples Getaway Audience

COVID-19 has resulted in many parents providing full-time care and schooling for their children in their home while working at the same time. Families have been at home together, and many parents are craving kid-free time. This audience identifies couples with children who have an interest in travel and the income to indulge in a couple’s getaway.

Acxiom audiences could include households with adults and children with high household income and being in the market propensities for hotels, flights, rental cars, cruises, or other vacation travel

  • Promote romantic couples’ destinations, special resort packages or hotel and dinner offers
  • Promote couples’ getaway travel packages including airline, rental car, hotel, etc.

The good news is that COVID-19 vaccination rates continue to increase, and I will continue doing my part to prevent another surge by following the CDCs recommendations and guidelines.  But, I do remain optimistic that I will be cycling by day and relaxing in an 18-cabin, floating hotel by night this fall, and our extended family will be together whether we are experiencing the breathtaking views of Yosemite or the Outer Banks beaches off the coast of North Carolina!

Whether selecting a digital or offline (direct mail and/or email) travel audience or appending data to known publicly identifiable information (PII) or anonymous audiences using an IP address, Acxiom can deliver timely, predictive travel insights.   Activation is easy; simply contact DataGuru to get a custom segment created for your digital campaign.