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We’re Baaaaack (in Person Again)!

  • Melissa Metheny

    Melissa Metheny

    Head of Global Innovation Lab

Created at June 28th, 2022

We’re Baaaaack (in Person Again)!

Acxiom returned as a Sapphire sponsor June 6-8 at the 2022 CRMC conference.  This premier event for retail marketing leaders was in person again this year, and everyone was excited to be back together at the historic Chicago Hilton to share and learn from one another.  With more than 800 attendees, this was a record attendance for this event!  I’ve participated in this event for many years.  It was clear throughout our three days together that in 2022 retail marketers are actively looking for education and inspiration on new ways to improve their business results.   

The theme for this year’s event was “Discover New Frontiers.” The conference delivered on this theme by providing dozens of well-curated keynote addresses and sessions designed to inform and encourage each of us to innovate as we continue to work through the disruptions we face due to the pandemic, the supply chain and inflation. 

Several keynote speakers set the tone for innovation in our market environment including Jenn Lim, author “Beyond Happiness,” who spoke about how we have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and are all searching for the newly coined term “work life integration.” Neil Hoyne, Google’s chief measurement strategist, spoke about how only 6% of business decisions are made based on data; 10% are based on the boss’s opinion; 10% are based on colleagues’ opinions and the majority are based on intuition (feelings). With the vast amount of data being collected by organizations, this statistic was truly distressing, given it has been proven that businesses that make data-driven decisions are more successful.  

When you think about the customer buying journey and how drastically it has changed in the last two years, it is so important to rethink the consumer experience and begin to think about the human experience.  Michele Fitzpatrick, Acxiom’s VP of Retail Strategy, and Eileen Granata, VP of Retail Client Services, presented a pre-conference workshop to address this concept: Moving from a customer experience to a truly human experience is critically important right now.

People are fatigued, frustrated and worried about the future.  Brands need to adopt a more human-centered approach and go beyond the traditions of the buyer journey or standard customer experience (CX).  Brands need to use or collect person-level data to truly understand people’s  context and preferences to engage with them meaningfully in the moments that matter and in the channels they prefer.  

To carry on with this theme, I was pleased to present with Hailey Gabriel, Chief of Staff at Shipt, about how they are using data to drive a better experience for both their delivery customers and their shoppers. It’s not enough to simply collect first-party data about customers; you must be able to manage and mine that data to inform your marketing strategy, especially with the pending demise of the third-party cookie.  

CRMC 2022 was a great event for sharing and learning from each other.  I was energized by the sessions Acxiom conducted and the conversations we had with retail marketers.  To learn more about how to transform to a more human-centered approach and learn how Acxiom is helping our clients deliver a cookie-proof, contextually relevant and personalized experience, please contact us at