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Why Experience Matters: Setting the Standard for Service Delivery in Data-Driven Marketing

  • Shea Heath

    Shea Heath

Why Experience Matters: Setting the Standard for Service Delivery in Data-Driven Marketing

Acxiom recently competed to win the business of one of the world’s largest automakers. As you might imagine, it was a highly competitive pitch process with several players in our space vying to secure the account. I’m proud to say that our team came out on top.

Reflecting on our victory, I believe one particular ingredient was pivotal in sealing the deal: our experience. Acxiom has been a leader in identity and ethical data use for nearly 50 years. Our depth and breadth of experience enables us to offer an unmatched level of expertise and service delivery, resulting in a remarkable win rate and client retention rate. It’s a major reason why this large automaker chose Acxiom and why more than half the Fortune 100 companies trust us as their strategic partner.

Here are a few of the many areas where I believe our experience is a true competitive differentiator:

Omnichannel expertise

Marketing is entering a new era of engagement with the convergence of offline and digital data. Consumers demand a personalized experience – one in which brands recognize them everywhere, sense their intent and deliver a relevant experience. To meet these expectations, brands need the ability to connect, cleanse and unify data from different sources and activate this digital and offline data across best-of-breed technology platforms and channels.

Gaining that ability is a Herculean task, but one we are well-suited for. With almost a half-century of experience, our legacy in the marketing industry is not something others can simply replicate overnight. We bring a unique perspective that allows us to understand what has worked historically and also how new disruptions will shape the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect martech and adtech systems at the data layer to empower our clients to be everywhere consumers are today — and will be tomorrow.  

A strategic, trusted partner

Executing omnichannel campaigns, implementing and managing data environments, and ensuring ethical data use and privacy — among other things — are critical to a successful marketing organization. These are not boxes you check once and consider complete. They require a partner that is invested in your long-term success.

Acxiom is home to a team of more than 1,600 omnichannel data specialists and analytics experts. While many in our industry deal with significant turnover, we are fortunate to have associates who are deeply committed to our company and our clients. In fact, some members of our team have been here more than 40 years, bringing decades of hands-on data expertise. We measure our relationships with many clients in decades, making us the steady heartbeat of their organization. Often, our associates responsible for delivering strategy and insights have been there from the client’s first day. We are viewed as — and pride ourselves on being — a true extension of their team.

Sector-specific expertise

Each industry approaches marketing differently. Each sector also has its own regulations related to data use, such as HIPAA, HITECH, and HITRUST in healthcare. A generalist approach to marketing and compliance won’t cut it. Brands need specialist partners that understand their industries inside and out.

Our solutions are designed to meet our clients’ unique business needs and the industries in which they operate, as is our team. Many of our associates bring more than 10 years of deep domain expertise. We embrace the industry need to be meticulous about what we do. We don’t see it as a burden but as an opportunity to build trust with our clients and demonstrate our commitment to people-based marketing, data stewardship and ethical data use.

As brands strive to meet sky-high customer expectations in an increasingly complex world of channel and data fragmentation, experience matters more than ever. Acxiom is second to none in this area, and I’m confident our clients would agree.

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