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Audience Propensities

Acxiom’s Audience Propensities® Provide Unique Behavioral Insights

More than 3,500 market-leading indicators accurately predict brand affinity, preferences, and behavior. Behavioral and attitudinal indicators are created based on known, actionable information and tied to shopping intent, attitudinal data, media behavior, and more. Advanced analytics accurately predict consumer brand affinity and preferences, in-market interests and timing, and media viewing habits.

Audience Propensities Audience Propensities

Acxiom Audience Propensities Include

  • 300+ Automotive industry propensities

    Includes brand affinities, accessories, and packages.

  • 500+ CPG propensities

    Includes consumable food & beverage preferences, pet products, and beauty supplies.

  • 200+ Insurance propensities

    Includes brand preference for auto, property, life and health, and channel propensities.

  • 200+ Investment Services attributes

    Includes assets, retirement savings, and affinity for investing.

  • 900+ Retail propensities

    Includes purchase behavior, shopping propensities, and brand affinities.

  • 150+ Technology category propensities

    Includes mobile wallet interests, consumer electronics brand affinities, wearables attitudes and behavior and media usage.

With Acxiom Audience Propensities, marketers can:

Accurately predict brand affinity and preferences
Act immediately as models require little configuration
Fuel more personalized engagement based on actionable insights

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