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Acxiom Back to School Data Package

Make Sure Your Media Buy Makes the Grade

Parents will spend billions as students prepare for school in the fall — making it second only to the holiday season in terms of retail revenue generated. Acxiom audiences help you ensure that your Back to School media buy is successful and remarkably easy to execute.

Make Sure Your Media Buy Makes the Grade

Here Are Just a Few of the Distinct Offerings to Help Generate Back to School Sales:

  • Active Athletes

    Active Athletes

    From little kids to varsity athletes, this is the time of year when parents head to sporting goods retailers to gather all the gear required for helping their athletes stay fit and safe. From specialty shoes to shin guards, helmets and sport-specific gear, this segment represents a robust market.

  • Educational Gamers

    Educational Gamers

    Audiences likely to own or to have played educational games in the last 30 days. Some adults purchase games to help their children expand math, literacy and basic reasoning skills. Others want to keep their own minds sharp with word, geography or trivia games

  • Educational TV Viewers

    Educational TV Viewers

    As students have shifted to at-home learning, TV programming to supplement online curriculum has grown in importance. Reach people likely to have watched educational programming like Sesame Street, Super Why!, or Xploration Awesome Planet.

  • Essential Electronics

    Essential Electronics

    Tablets, smart phones and other devices are central to the classroom as well as online learning for students from college all the way down to elementary school. Get in front of this group and their parents with the latest and greatest in the tech field.

  • Online Shoppers

    Online Shoppers

    Who will maintain social distancing and skip the in-store retail experience all together and do their shopping online? Acxiom can help you find audiences based on how they shop, brand preferences or even those who are likely Amazon Prime subscribers.

  • Stylish Students

    Stylish Students

    These parents have stylish students who are on the lookout for the latest apparel and accessories. Their methods and location for schooling may have shifted, but they still want to look their best for Zoom meetings, posting to TikTok, or—in some cases—attending classes in person.

  • Thoughtful Planners or Just-in-time Jugglers

    Thoughtful Planners or Just-in-time Jugglers

    Acxiom offers more than merchandise categories to help refine back-to-school audiences. Reach thoughtful planners who begin researching and shopping as early as two months before school starts. Or, focus media on “Just-in-time Jugglers” who will stock up the week before—or even the week after—classes begin. Our data
    sets are that specific.

Experiences that Matter

Find out how these targeted groups can pay off big during the back to school season, contact or call 888.3ACXIOM.