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Acxiom Father's Day Data Package

Husbands, Fathers and Sons Feel the Love on Father’s Day

Father’s Day has grown into a huge holiday for all sorts of retailers, as families spend an estimated $17 billion* on gifts for dads.

Husbands, Fathers and Sons Feel the Love on Father’s Day

The Largest Spending Categories Will Include:

Top 3 gift categories that grew in popularity this year
(showing the percent who plan to purchase)

  • 25%


    Personal Care

  • 21%


    Home / Gardening

  • 21%


    Tools / Appliances

What is Motivating Consumers This Father’s Day:

Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics May 2020 Consumer Survey

  • Father’s Day Data Package

Choose From Any of These Audiences:

Married Moms

Moms with children living at home are perhaps the ideal candidates for all kinds of Father’s Day gift buying. And with counts as high as 17 million, who wouldn’t want to reach out to this segment?

Department Store Moms

If you represent a high-end department store, this is your ideal customer. With an income above $75,000 and a history of spending money in finer stores, this shopper will be ready to spend big in stores and online. This group has counts as high as 13 million.

Tool Time

Want to communicate with the families of DIY dads? This target may be shopping for a new power tool, the latest gadget or some high-end electronics for their dad. Be sure your message gets through to this group with counts as high as 7 million.

Ties and Wallets

Want to connect to an audience of married women and children who have previously bought men’s accessories and clothing with counts as high as 3 million? Then this segment is tailor made for your client.

Camping and Glamping

Families that love to camp and hike are often big spenders when it comes to Father’s Day buying. Connect directly with an audience as high as 5 million who camp or have an RV.

Experiences that Matter

For more information about how these and other targeted audiences can
pay off big this Father’s Day, email