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Acxiom Halloween Data Package

Scare Up Big Sales This Halloween

Halloween is big business. Highly targeted audiences from Acxiom can help ensure your media spend is more effective than ever before. Our audiences include home decorators, candy enthusiasts, those planning to put their pets in costumes and many more.

Scare Up Big Sales This Halloween
  • 67%


    of Halloween spending was on candy and costumes.

  • $3.1 billion

    $3.1 billion

    was spent on Halloween costumes

  • Social media

    Social media

    (especially Pinterest) is the fastest growing source for costume inspiration

Top Pet Costumes

  1. Pumpkin

  2. Hot Dog

  3. Bumblebee

Choose From These Lucrative Prospects:

Adult Costumes

Whether they’re going for cool, cute or scary, more and more adults are stepping out in costume each year. We can help you tap into this segment that spends over $1.2 billion dollars a year.*

Kid’s Costumes

Halloween has always been a favorite holiday among children. And with each new year, comes the need for a new costume. That’s why this segment alone will spend over $1 billion this season. We can tell you exactly who the big spenders are when it comes to outfitting their kids, so you can direct your message right to them.*

Cats And Canines

Beyond mom, dad and the kids, Halloween has grown to include the fourlegged members of the family as well. A whopping $330 million will be spent outfitting their furry friends. Make sure your clients’ message reaches this unique but big spending target.*

Home Decor

In addition to outfitting and accessorizing themselves for trick or treating, homeowners make a huge investment in seasonal Halloween Décor every year. Want to know who is likely to go all out with their home and lawn decorations? We can tell you so that you can reach out to these buyers before they head to the store or hop online.

Sweets and Treats

You can’t have Halloween without candy. And more kids and adults in costumes, means more trick or treating and of course more candy consumption. If your client is in the business of sweets or treats, we can help you connect them to their ideal buyer.

Social Media Savvy

Beyond specific retail categories, Acxiom can also provide you with data based on how your desired target consumes media. Want to get in front of customers who are getting their holiday ideas from Pinterest or Facebook? We make connecting with those buyers easier than ever.

Tablet/Mobile Media Shopper

Yet another dimension that Acxiom’s cutting edge data can reveal is what type of mobile device your target is utilizing for holiday shopping. Want to know which prospects are most likely to browse and compare Halloween products via their tablet?

Experiences that Matter

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