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Make Serious Green this
St. Patrick's Day

with Acxiom's Data Package

Make Serious Green this St. Patrick's Day

Connect for Lucrative Results

St. Patrick’s Day is one big party. And as is the case with any good party, it takes planning, preparation, and provisions. Get your message and restaurant or bar location in front of St. Paddy’s Day revelers before they pick their destination. Acxiom has audiences looking for party supplies, green apparel or any other items associated with this festive day.



More than 125 million Americans celebrate the Irish cultural holiday and spend over $4 billion on the festivities.

Average Per Person Spend: $35.37*

Hone in on these merry makers with an array of highly specific data– from who are likely the biggest spenders, who’s likely heading out to the local restaurant or tavern and a whole lot more. Find your audience on the next page or contact for a more comprehensive selection

  • St. Patrick’s Day Data Package St. Patrick’s Day Data Package

Choose From Any of These Prospects:

  • Who’s In

    St. Patrick’s Day isn’t for everyone but there are millions of Americans who take part in this annual party. If you want to know who’s likely going to join the celebration this year, we can help you plan your marketing attack.

    AP005797 – Propensity to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

  • Out and About

    As in, who is most likely to go out and have a good time on this holiday? We can tell you who is likely to go sit down for a meal, who is likely going to grab a seat at the bar and a whole lot more.

    AP005798  – Plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by attending a party at a bar or restaurant

  • Spending the Green

    As is the case with any holiday, some people dip their toe in the water and others dive right in. St. Paddy’s Day is no exception. Want to target those most likely to go all out and drop big bucks this year? We can help you do it.

    AP005799 – St. Patrick’s Day high spender

Experiences that Matter

For more information about how these and other targeted audiences can help you get a share of this significant retail holiday, call 888.3ACXIOM or email