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Advanced Analytics

Optimize data-driven decisions and opportunities

Leverage the latest predictive analytics, custom modeling, machine learning and segmentation techniques by engaging skilled data scientists to support all of your customer journey analytics needs. Our data science expertise spans a broad array of advanced analytic methods and approaches, specifically designed to deliver actionable results that drive business impact.

Advanced Analytics Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics to Drive Better Business Impact

Acxiom’s highly specialized strategy consultants and data scientists focus on the creative use of advanced analytic techniques, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data-driven strategies to solve a broad suite of business challenges across the entire marketing ecosystem.

  • Customer Acquisition

    Identify top prospects and streamline acquisition efforts

    Identify qualified and responsive prospects by leveraging your customer data combined with third-party data.

  • Next Best Action

    Increase customer value with relevant next offers.

    Increase customer lifetime value by identifying which next best offer aligns with each customer’s needs and preferences.

  • Customer Retention

    Identify high value, at-risk customers for retention strategies

    Identify high-value customers likely to attrit and pinpoint early behavioral indicators of attrition with which to align preventative efforts.

  • Multi-Touch Attribution

    Measure the impact of media for better ROAS

    Measure the incremental effectiveness of your addressable media spend and model optimal future spend.

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  • Lifetime Value

    Grow the value of your customers over time

    Identify the potential value of each customer and focus efforts to confirm brand loyalty to increase their spend.

  • Full-funnel Modeling

    Understand how current events impact prospect and customer behavior

    Understand how media and other drivers impact each step of the customer journey and how the steps interplay.

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